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What is ip address?

IP Address which we also call internet protocol address is an address of your network hardware. Internet protocol assists in joining your computer to other devices on your network and all over the world.

An example of an IP address is:

An IP address follows two major functions. It classifies the host, or more precisely its network interface, and it gives the location of the host in the network. The header of each IP packet includes the IP address of the sending host and that of the target host.

There are two types of IP's: IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 is the earlier version that has a space of over 4 billion IP addresses. But, the new IPv6 version can accommodate up to trillions of IP addresses to meet the needs of all internet users and devices.

The IPv4 version managed to configure IP addresses in binary value which may differ with other IP addresses. That’s why IPv6 used the hexadecimal order to provide unique IP addresses to billions of users all over the world.

Example of an IPv6 IP address is: 4001:7ds8:22a1:0000:0000:7v2a:4950:2322

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) distribute public IP addresses to most routers. When a device attaches to a router, the device gets a private IP address.

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